French gamers raise over 3.5 million euros for science

A French streaming charity event, "Z Event", has held a marathon video gaming session at the week end, helping to raise over 3.5 million euros to fund research at the Pasteur Institute.

#ZEVENT2019 @ZeratoRSC2

The gamers also earned heartfelt congratulations from French President Emmanuel Macron for their contribution to the Pasteur Institute.

The event started on Friday 20 September at 6 PM in Montpellier and ended at 1 AM Monday morning. It consisted of over 54 hours of live-streaming and video games with 54 gamers playing on their respective Twitch channels.

The gamers requested funds from members of their “commu” or community of followers.

Z Event 2019 was the fourth edition – and broke all records for the French charity event.

It was created by Adrien Nougaret (ZeratoR) and Alexandre Dachary (Dach) in 2016 when Z Event raised 170,000 euros for Save the Children NGO.

For its second edition, in September 2018, Z Event raised 500,000 euros for the Red Cross, namely to provide relief funds for victims of hurricane Irma.

Last year, in November, 40 streamers managed to collect over 1 million euros for Doctors Without Borders.